You are the leader we believe in.


Driven by a true passion to make the world a place that is kinder, feels more joy, enjoys their families, and loves going to work every day, 

Becky Hammond + Murray Guest, 

are seasoned leaders and coaches who want YOU to succeed as a leader. 

You can be a leader who gives a damn, and they would love nothing more than to help you get there.

Murray + Becky Leaders Coaches

Becky Hammond

Isogo | Founder + Strengths Maven

As acclaimed by Fortune 500 and internationally based healthcare and tech organizations, Becky Hammond of is your Maven in creating virtual + live training and coaching experiences to help both teams and families “make relationships easier”.  

She is the host of the 5 star rated Isogo TV podcast, mom of soon to be 5 kids under 9, and married to her best friend and life adventurer for 19 years. 

As a leader, you influence others whether you like it or not. Your culture is created by YOUR ripple effect . +Becky Hammond

Murray Guest

Inspire My Business | CEO + Coach

Drawing on over 15 years in diverse leadership roles, leading cultural change in large organisations, Murray partners with clients -- at Inspire My Business -- to inject new energy into their organisation, gain clarity and build an inspired culture that drives business performance and encourages success both personally and professionally.  

As a coach and facilitator, over the past five years, Murray has helped over 1,500 people unlock their strengths and worked with organisations to integrate strengths into their culture to improve leadership and teamwork.

Every conversation is an opportunity to influence the culture +Murray Guest

Two Podcasts

For More Insights + Tips from Leaders Who Give a Damn


Inspired conversations with Strengths-based coach Murray Guest. 

Explore strengths and living an inspired life through conversations that matter.  

ISOGO TV PODCAST {Audio + Video} 

Make relationships easier, through your strengths, with Becky Hammond.

Listen or Watch interviews with awesome leaders + on key subject series that hit on your toughest moments, so that you can fuel family connection + work focusing in on your Strengths instead of fixating on your weakness.

Are you ready to step up your leadership + be a leader who gives a damn?