For busy leaders who care about people [or want to].

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Leadership is hard.

[Well...GOOD leadership is hard.]

You likely know what it is like to work for a poor leader.  

One who doesn't know him or herself. One who doesn't take time to connect. One who doesn't seem to value what you contribute. One who takes a toll on the team.

Until work is not fun. At all.

You don't want to be a leader like that. 

But ugh...leadership is hard and you're SO busy.

  • You may find yourself easily agitated or impatient  
  • You may feel like you lead a team of under-performers
  • You may feel worn down as a leader
  • You may not feel proud of your team culture
  • You may feel like you’ve lost your energy and drive as a leader
  • You may have even had 1-2 people leave your team

You are not alone. Being a stand-out, busy leader is hard. 

Yet...what if YOU can change all that?

With a little help, YOU can be leader who inspires others to follow and gets past the drain.

No matter what they SAY is the reason, 70% of the reason people leave a job is because of their manager ~It's the Manager | Jim Clifton + Jim Harter | Gallup 

Is this program for YOU?

A New Leader

New Leader
  • Maybe you're new to being a leader.
  • You were likely killing it in your role.
  • Then you got promoted to lead.
  • You want to be an effective, kick-ass leader in your new role.
  • You know some leadership training would help you stand out.

An Always Growing Leader

Leader Wants to Grow
  • Or, maybe you're a leader who believes in focusing on your people + you want to grow. 
  • You're likely already at least a bit vulnerable with your team.
  • You know 1-2 areas you need to improve + what you want to accomplish with your team.
  • You need some fresh leadership inspiration.

A Frustrated Leader 

Frustrated Leader
  • Ooooor, maybe you're a frustrated leader.
  • Maybe you have even have received feedback that you need to up your game,
  • Perhaps, your team isn't really even o main focus right now.
  • You don't know exactly where to start.

YOU have the power to be an incredibe, inspiring leader.

Other leaders would have thrown in the towel by now, but the truth is, you're not like other leaders.

Through the Leaders Who Give a Damn Program you can...

Energized Leader Team
  • Develop leadership skills while traveling to and from work.
  • Build a greater confidence in your leadership ability.
  • Move from worn down to energized as a leader.
  • Feel proud of the team culture that you're creating.
  • Move your team from underperforming to hitting + exceeding targets.
  • Find simple + effective actions to improve your daily leadership habits.
  • Gain a deeper self-awarenesss of leadership strengths and opportunities to improve.
  • Show up to work with a passion + patience for the hard work of leadership.
Great Team Culture

Culture-focused companies increased their income 682% over an 11-year period [versus 166%] ~Michael Gillespie | Professor of Psychology | Univ of Southern Florida

Hi, we're Murray Guest + Becky Hammond

Murray Guest Becky Hammond

Driven by a true passion to make the world a place that is kinder, feels more joy, enjoys their families, and loves going to work every day, we are seasoned leaders and coaches-of-leaders who want YOU to succeed as a leader.  

You can be a leader who gives a damn, and we would consider it an honor to help you get there.

A bit about Becky Hammond

Who is Becky Hammond

As acclaimed by Fortune 500 and internationally based healthcare and tech organizations, Becky Hammond of isogostrong.com is your Maven in creating virtual + live training and coaching experiences to help both teams and families “make relationships easier”.  

She is the host of the 5 star rated Isogo TV podcast, mom of soon to be 5 kids under 9, and married to her best friend and life adventurer for 19 years. 

A bit about Murray Guest

Who is Murray Guest

Drawing on over 15 years in diverse leadership roles, leading cultural change in large organisations, Murray Guest partners with clients -- at Inspire My Business -- to inject new energy into their organisation, gain clarity and build an inspired culture that drives business performance and encourages success both personally and professionally.  

As a coach and facilitator, over the past five years, Murray has helped over 1,500 people unlock their strengths and worked with organisations to integrate strengths into their culture to improve leadership and teamwork.

What are people saying about Murray + Becky?

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, to lift a person’s vision and performance to a higher standard. This is indeed what Murray achieved for our Company in providing our leadership the vision and awareness of their strengths and abilities. Murray provided the leaders and senior management, the passion to excel, to recognise their individual talents, and to capitalise on them. He worked with the leaders and senior management to understand how to create a clear vision and to turn the individual into a special type of person. ~ Catherine Miller | HR Manager

My work with Becky Hammond + Isogo has been invaluable both in launching my own law firm and in my marriage and family life. Understanding how my Strengths have a direct impact on my approach to being a leader, colleague, and husband has opened my eyes to where I am now and where I’d like to take my firm and my family. Isogo’s focus on the whole person really drove home how much control I actually have over how well I lead. Isogo’s insights have helped me form real strategies for my family + my work. ~ Jamin Soderstrom | Soderstrom Law PC

So, what do I get with the program?

7 Podcast Style Modules

7 Podcast Style Modules from the experts

10 Take Action Guides

Over 10 Simple Guides to help you Take Action Right Away

Exclusive Leader Community

Exclusive Community with other Leaders who Give a Damn like you

What exactly will I create in my leadership through this program?

Module 1 Self Awareness
  • Establish the foundation of great leadership
  • Bring awareness to your strongest elements of leadership
Module 2 Well Being
  • Learn the plight of burnout
  • Take to heart a poignant word picture that is sure to influence change
Module 3 Know Your People
  • Take inventory of your team relationships + learn why it matters
  • Challenge yourself to care in several specific ways 
Module 4 Perceptions
  • Get down to the bottom of dealing with difficult people on your team
  • Learn the power + action of emotional templates
Module 5 Conversations
  • Understand the power of individual conversations to influence culture
  • Plan your next challenging conversations so you ace it
Module 7 Busyness
  • Overcome the #1 derailer of inspiring leadership
  • Make an energizing plan for taking control of your time 
Module 6 Relationships
  • Bring a taboo subject into your role as a leader
  • Explore + influence your relationships and their impact on your leadership

What else are people saying? 

Murray was instrumental in helping each team leader understand how they could get the best from their respective teams, and drive performance improvements in each areas of the operation. I observed Murray’s unique approach based on understanding individuals first, and then helping them to realise their own strengths and how to apply these to their individual circumstances. I would unwaveringly recommend Murray from Inspire My Business, to anyone...to bring out the best in you and your teams. ~ Andrew Sommerville Operations Manager | Hunter Valley | UGL

Over the past three years, as I have worked with Becky and Isogo, learning to understand and really value my Strengths has transformed the way I think about running my business and has saved one of my closest friendships from crumbling. From our time together, our team walked away understanding ourselves and one another better. I now use each of their strengths and not their weaknesses in my individual meetings with them to assist me in mentoring them and to help me better communicate with them in a way that will resonate with their perspective on the world. ~ Melissa Hester | Owner | Melissa Jill Photography

 So, what is the VALUE ?

A price other leaders are calling "ridiculous"!

Other high-performing leaders have spent thousands of dollars to work with Becky + Murray and learn from their coaching and experience.

One Coaching session
coaching experience value

Leaders who Becky + Murray have worked with 1-on-1 think they are crazy to be offering this program at such a steal...

Price 397

**Crisis Support**

Use the Promo Code 50PROMO for 50% off as you adjust to being a leader in this global crisis.

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